Lux Spectra – Spectrastrobe Synth for Mindplace Kasina


The newest addition to the Lux family – Lux Spectra. It’s like a lite version of Lux BWEI – a lights-only spectrastrobe synth for Mindplace Kasina.  If you want audio in your brainwave sessions, then use it in conjunction with Lux BWEI (just make sure to turn off BWEI’s light LFOs).

Spectrastrobe is like audiostrobe, but more advanced.  Instead of controlling just 2 colors, it gives you control of the red, green, and blue LEDs in Kasina’s light goggles. Theoretically, any color can be made from various combinations of these 3 colors. Lux Spectra simplifies the selection of color through its intuitive color knobs, which let you dial in the color you want for your brainwave sessions.

It’s got independent control of left & right light channels, plus 2 modulation LFOs which you can send to almost any parameter through its mod matrix.

To install, just unzip the file to your VST Plugins directory. There is no manual for it, but most of the interface is the same as Lux BWEI, so please read that manual if you’re not sure how to use it. Or, of course, post in the forum.



Version 1.21 Change Log

  • Fixed phase problems when synchronizing the right and left light rates.

Download “Lux Spectra - version 1.21” Lux Spectra – Downloaded 401 times – 11 MB


Version 1.2 Change Log

  • Added the option to select which track the reference signal is sent to.

Download “Lux Spectra - version 1.2” Lux Spectra – Downloaded 82 times – 11 MB


Version 1.1 Change Log

  • Now spectrastrobe light signals and the reference signal are each on their own track. The first loaded instance of Spectra should use both tracks.  Instances loaded after the first do not need to load the 2nd track, and the ‘Reference Signal On/Off’ switch (under the master clock) can be turned off.
  • Fixed a problem with “glitches” that occurred as a result of changing the rate sync on the ModLFOs.

Download “Lux Spectra version 1.1” Lux Spectra – Downloaded 65 times – 11 MB


Version 1.0

Download “Lux Spectra - Version 1.0” Lux – Downloaded 241 times – 9 MB

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